Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another MTC E-Mail

Bevan's second MTC letter, received earlier today.

Texas Hello

Hey Family,
The MTC is going well, all I heard about it getting better after sunday, turned out to be true. This past week has ben just a blur. I think we've been doing the new teaching program which is good, it focuses a lot on teaching skills which has been good. I did get yalls cinnamon rolls me and my district enjoyed them a lot. I leave one week from today, so Im not sure how the email thing will work next week. Im sure my mission president will let you know that I got there safely though. I dont think I get to call, sorry. But its only like 6 more months to Christmas. Im going with 20 other elders going to Carlsbad, so Im sure it will be a cool experience. Congrats to Deborah on having Viola, I'll work hard the next two years to learn how to pronounce it correctly. In all of the excitment last week I forgot to tell yall the exciting news. In my district there is a companionship with an elder from Australia, and another from Georgia. Its hard to tell which one has a thicker accent. Well the church is true, and I can't wait to teach it to real people and not just actors. Love yall.
Elder Blake

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