Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bevan's First Letter from the Mission Field

Hey family,
First things first, Mom I apoligize to you for not being able to e-mail last week. I really am sorry. Well now that that is out of the way, I can tell you all about the longest week of my life. I am currently serving in the San Juan Capistrano 2nd Ward, which means I am right next to Dana Point. My companion is Elder Hopkins, from Logan, Utah. We got whitewashed in together, and he has only been out for six months, so we have had fun learning together. He is really great, though, and keeps us working hard. We also live with the Zone Leaders, which has been a wonderful blessing. They are awesome and hilarious so its fun to hang out with them. One of them was even in Melissa Whitley's FHE group at BYUI. That was pretty funny.

The weather has been pretty much perfect, although it does get a little chilly at night. It really is perfect though; no one here has air conditioning and we just leave our windows open all day. Also to ease mom's soul, I'm pretty sure I am in one of the safest places ever, because everybody just leaves their doors wide open all the time. It makes tracting interesting.

The ward is absolutely wonderful; we've had some absolutely amazing dinners so far. On Sunday we actually had lamb; it was pretty surreal. We also taught our message outside on their deck, around their fire pit, and overlooking a pretty amazing valley. The area is great, and I am having a blast living the life in OC.
Congrats about the Mavs. It's a little dissapointing I wasn't there to see it, but oh well. Also I am a little jealous of Malan and Hansen being able to go on that trip. It looked like it was tons of fun, and absolutely amazing. I'm glad the family has been able to have so much fun.
We were able to inherit a couple of investigators. Chaz, is a senior who is pretty good friends with one of the girls in the ward. He is in the middle of taking the lessons, and comes to church pretty regularly. We also have a couple others, but we haven't been able to contact them, so I don't really know their story. The cool story for the week though, is we went to go see Jairo, one of the investigators that we haven't been able to contact yet. He wasn't home, but his next door neighbor waved his arms up in the air whenever he saw us. We were grateful to finally see someone who didn't want to argue. Turns out that he had grown up with a ton of mormon friends and his daughter's pre school group was of all members. So he was very nice and friendly. Turns out that he is completely remodeling his house, and is living with his folks in the meantime. We offered to help with anything. He had us tear down a wall. I'm not even joking. We tore down a wall for this guy. Before we could ask him if he wanted to learn more about the gospel, he pretty much volunteered to take the lessons. So we are really excited about that.
Here is the car report for this week.
2 Bentleys
1 Aston Martin
Countless Porsches
Also we found a house with a statue of a dinosaur in front of it. Turns out the family also installed a flame thrower in its mouth and has it shoot out flames every now and then.
Love you all, and thanks for all the support.

Love, Bevan

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