Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bevan's First Letter from the MTC

We received Bevan's first e-mail from the MTC on Tuesday, May 31. He sounds great.

A Memorial Day Hello

I have no cool Indonesian phrase, sorry. The MTC is going well, although it is full of long days. I know that Deborah was bummed that I didn't get called to Tonga, but that Elder Moala that was my escort and the other tongan missionary were here in provo to learn english. They had made progress but were no where near fluent and spent most of the time just speaking tongan to each other. So I got to feel a little like grandpa, if only for a couple of minutes. My companion is not Elder Knaval, the guy we met in the temple, but Elder Soderberg, from Kaysville utah. He is still trying to fathom that I went to seminary for four years at 6 A.M. He is a really cool guy, and really great misionary, he keeps me on track and working hard so I am thankful. The basketball for this week is pretty short, not to be prideful but Im easily the best player in my district, and second in my zone, behind the 6' 8" kid from some small farm town in Idaho. He is huge and looks like he could eat me. The food is not nearly as bad as everyone says it would be, and the cookies are good. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well, back at home. I guess i can tell yall a funny story, although most of the funny stuff at the mtc is funny only because everyone is so tired. But at the fireside on sunday night they asked who had been at the mtc for longer than 10 weeks. About 20 missionaries stood up. They asked where everyone was going, some said cambodia, some Hungary, and some Korea, then they asked a tongan missionary and he yelled in a thick islander accent, that he was going to Nashville Tennessee. Well maybe you had to be there, but I promise it was very funny in person. Well I love you all, And Im working hard don't worry. I know that this church is true, and that the gospel really does bring peace and comfort to everyone. Im excited to tell this wonderful message to the people of carlsbad.
Love, Elder Blake

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