Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22, 2011

Dear Family,

First of all, thanks mom for the hug. Brother Brown was able to give it to me this past Sunday. I am glad that the surgery went well, and hope and pray that you continue to improve. Also, the bandaging is very impressive. Thank you also for the care package, especially for the letters. My companion said before we opened it that he hoped the tie wasn't red. I told him if the ties were from my dad, he could bet on them being red. And sure enough. We look forward to matching ties, at all future ward/christmas events. Thank you very much.

Well besides being with the Browns this past Sunday, and having the opportunity to be with them this Thanksgiving, the big news is that we just got back from the San Diego Temple. It was absolutely amazing, and even though i know all temples are equal in the sight of God, it put the dallas temple to shame. It was definitely one of the highlights of my mission so far. The best part about it was that it was enjoyed in 70 degree weather, in the middle of November.

The disappointing news this week was that we were supposed to have a baptism this past sunday for a women named Denise. Unfortunately we got a text about an hour before church saying that she wasn't ready and would have to think about it some more. We went over after church and it seems like it was just nerves, so it should be good this week. Your prayers would be much appreciated. We did however get a couple more people to teach this week, so overall it was a good one. We went by a couple of former investigators and they said they would be willing to resume taking the lessons. One of them is an eighty year old lady whose twin sister just died a couple weeks ago. We were able to teach her about the plan of salvation and bear testimony to her that her sister is patiently waiting for her in the spirit world and that she was most likely taking the lessons from some missionaries as well. I am so thankful for the gospel in our lives and for the perspective that it gives us. Other than that nothing too exciting, although we did get to walk right next to the Indian reservation out here, definitely another highlight. The work continues to progress and perhaps most exciting is that a spirit of missionary work here in the ward has seemed to take root. I give Joe and Sue Brown all of the credit. Here all of three days and they already have the ward on fire, not too surprising though.

Besides Mom's surgery going well, hearing about Brother Ramirez baptism was about the best news I could receive. I do know Jonatan, he is a great kid, and I would be happy to share my testimony with him. That is so exciting, and is an amazing feeling. Tell Brother Ramirez congratulations from me.

Well, keep up all of the great work, and hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving and that the cowboys continue their streak. I am extremely grateful this week, for the goodness of God. That he would see fit to send his only begotten Son to perform the atonement to complete the plan of salvation on our behalf. Closely behind it, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been raised in the best home ever. To have been taught the gospel in both word and deed at home all of my life and for the wonderful example everyone is to me. Thanks for everything and all that you do.

Love Bevan

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