Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Dear Family,

How is everyone doing? I hope that everyone is doing well, despite the tough week for the rangers. I had known about it, our dinner the other night, upon hearing that I was from Dallas, proceeded to tell me all the events of the last two games, with all of the gory details. We did not get to carve pumpkins for Halloween, but we did go in early last night at 6:30. So there was some spice to life.

The baptism was amazing. And it was really fun. It has been cool to see the change of him between Tuesday and now. We stopped by on Sunday, to see if we could teach their kids, and they were all watching the living scriptures animated story of Nephi as if they were life long members. It was one of those rewarding experiences as a missionary.

We should be having another baptism this Saturday as well. It is for a girl named Keynuana. She is the niece of another recent convert, who moved in with her not to long ago. They are a hilarious family, with possibly the most enthusiasm for the gospel that I have ever seen. It has been fun teaching her, especially because she is only 13, so we get to be more creative with our lessons and slightly less serious. We try not to drive the spirit away too much though.

Mom I am glad to hear that your talk went well. I still haven't given a talk while on my mission. I did however give the opening prayer last sunday. It went well as far as I know. I also haven't heard about sister Seale's Aunt or Uncle but I will be on the look out. I also had dinner with the Secor family on Sunday, and found out that their son, Billy Secor just moved in to the Coppell Third Ward. I assured them that he had a great bishop, but that the stake president was pretty iffy. But in all honesty, if the parents are any indication the Third ward just received a great family.

We are doing great here in Temecula, and although the adjustment has been longer than I was hoping for and not without some rocky patches. The work continues to go along and we are seeing some really cool things happen. For instance, on Saturday we found a lady outside of our apartment. We started talking and found out that she was wavering in her faith about God, and Jesus Christ. We gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read 3rd Nephi 11. The very next day we come home from church, and find her in the same spot waiting for us. She told us that she read the chapter, and had felt peace. She admitted that it was the first time in a long time that she had been able to find any peace and she wanted nothing more than to have it in her life. We were able to share some scriptures with her, about how through the atonement we will be able to find the lasting peace that Christ offers us in John 14. It was an amazing experience, and now she is being taught by some other elders. This gospel is true, and truly offers us peace, even when everything else in our lives beckons us away from that peace. I am so thankful for the Savior and his example to all of us.

Love Elder Blake

PS, if you could mail me a real letter, this week. I need some proof of residency to finally get a Temecula library card. One of my lifelong pursuits.

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