Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct. 11, 2011

Dear Family

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well in Northern Texas. Especially those Rangers. Hope they can keep it up, I can't believe it’s already the playoffs. I will keep praying for you mom, and I hope that everything works out. They always do, sooner or later.

Well, to finish off the priesthood session quiz, Bishop McMullin spoke about our duty as priesthood holders and spreading the priesthood power. I think that makes me current, and I will now be expecting a Braums ice cream shake when I get home.

This past Sunday was a water shed moment in the Capo 2nd ward, I believe. We had four non-members at church, and a full gospel essentials class. Pretty impressive for a ward that has struggled mightily to get investigators to church and considering the fact that we usually have to disband the gospel essentials class due to lack of attendance. The most exciting attendee was a lady by the name of Theresa. She is from South Africa, and is a dance instructor. She had been going to a different ward for quite a while but finally made it to our ward where she belongs. We had a great discussion with her, and should be meeting with her again this Thursday. We are really excited about her, and to see her grow in the gospel. The other people who came, were all friends of members. It was great to see so many people there who weren't there because of our efforts.

I am aware that the elders who replaced the sisters live on Aunt Winnie’s street. And since we car share with them that means i pass by her place every week. I am guessing that the donkeys are doing well, due to the elders saying she has a donkey bumper sticker. We also met some guys on the street who is a member of a local band. They said that they knew about the Donkeys and liked their sound. Pretty cool. Well, that is pretty much it, not much else exciting has been going on here in San Juan. Hope everyone is doing well in Texas. I am doing well here. I continue to love this gospel and the opportunity to teach others about it. It does change lives for the better.

Love Bevan

Mom the only thing i can think of is more conference talks to be honest. I might be addicted.

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