Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct. 4, 2011

Dear Family,
How is everyone doing? Has life finally settled down at all from your crazy summer, and Caribbean excursions? Things here in California are going well. Especially because of conference weekend. I don't know if you noticed dad but I'm pretty sure everyone gave the best talks that i have ever heard. I especially liked all of the talks about missionary work, and how missionary work is nothing more than the Lord's work. I came away with an increased desire to learn about what the Lord's desire for me is, then do it. As for the necessary priesthood session quiz, here are the answers. The first speaker Elder Holland taught us about the importance of being clean to serve a mission. Then Bishop McMullin taught us about something that happens to be slipping my mind. oops. Then Elder Waddel also spoke about missionary work, and told us the story about the one missionary from Spain sent to Arizona. One of my favorites. President Uchtdorf talked about welfare. President Eyring talked about diligence and hard work in priesthood duty, using many personal examples. And then President Monson talked about living up and standing up to our standards and testimonies.
As for missionary work, this week was one for growing. Most of our appointments fell through, but that is okay, all in the Lord's timing. Also it allowed time for us to start working with the ward, especially the ward leadership more so it was probably a blessing in disguise. We also got a referral for a guy who we are hoping to start teaching this week. We are excited about that. Also Phil found out that his wife is pregnant once more. It is exciting, but she has really hard pregnancies, so prayers would be appreciated. That is pretty much all that is worthy to be reported this week. Although this week it is supposed to rain so everybody here is acting like it could be the ushering in of the Second Coming. People and their weather here, it gets pretty comical sometimes.
As per the pictures, please note that I live with the zone leaders. That means Sunday night, while they are reporting numbers, we are locked in our room. Jumping on beds and taking pictures mid-flight we found was one of the more effective ways to pass the time.
Well I hope that y'all have a great week, and all goes well. Love Bevan
P.S. That one picture if i remember correctly took about 7-10 attempts. And dad you may go ahead and use that story, and thanks for all of the stories in your e-mail.

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