Monday, February 6, 2012

Dec. 20. 2011

Dear Family,

I am glad that everyone is doing well, and that the Ryggs made it back to Dallas safely, and still have a place there. Mom i haven't gotten my box yet, but that is because the mission office holds all of the Christmas packages until Christmas eve, when we have a mission wide gathering. So i am sure I will get it then. I guess they have learned by experience that no matter how much of a refiners fire the mission may be, it still doesn't have the power to instill in nineteen year old boys the patience to wait until Christmas to open the presents. So is everyone ready for the pandemonium and crowds of Christmas?

Well as you have heard i will be skyping on Christmas, i am glad the Tenneys were able to get a hold of y'all. I will be calling about two my time so about four y'alls time, so be ready. The Tenneys are awesome, they just sent off their son on a mission and have a daughter out as well. They say they are adopting us as their children this holiday season.

Well as you can see this week was highlighted by an award winning performance at the ward Christmas party. We are now forever legends in the ward, and have sufficiently embarrassed ourselves. It was a lot of fun though and definitely was a highlight of the mission.

Other than that this week has been a great one. We were able to pick up a new investigator named Shane. He is nineteen years old, and is willing to believe everything that we teach him. The only trick will be to get him to act accordingly, you know those nineteen year old boys, so hard to deal with.

Everything with all of the other investigators is going well too. We are teaching Anna, which continues to be fun. She says that she loves the doctrine, and that it is great to finally hear that God is actually fair, she just isn't quite willing to make the commitment yet. But we continue to have great lessons, and I'm confident that as she continues to feel the spirit one day it will finally click. It has been amazing to see the change that has already taken place. Bryce, the ten year old kid, continues to be as excited as ever. He showed up on church this Sunday in his suit, and told us that dressing us in his suit has become one of his favorite things. He also declared Wednesday to be his favorite day, that is the day we do our lessons with him. We are also teaching Bro. Lum, who is making some good progress. When we first started teaching him, he seemed to always have his guard up and never opened up, but now he is opening up and we can tell he is finally starting to ponder and study about the gospel. Hopefully he keeps it up, and chooses to commit to it, that would mean everything to his family. Please pray for him. That is pretty much it investigator wise. We also have a couple more prospects that we will hopefully start teaching soon.

Well in terms of stories, I simply cannot top eating cobra. But I will be eating Christmas eve dinner with the browns so there is that. Truly stateside missions are a blessing. I know that this gospel is true, and that obedience to it is what is going to bring peace in this world and eternal life in the world to come. Blessings that surpass everything else that i know about. It is a great privilege of mine, the opportunity to devote all that i am to declare this gospel and pray that there will be soft hearts to receive it. This Christmas season I am thankful for the Savior, for his ultimate love and condescension, in coming to earth to bring us true hope. I glory that i with the angels of old get to declare glad tidings of great joy, of peace on earth and good will to men. I am grateful for those many that have already received this message like the shepherds of old. And i pray that many more will be able to receive this remarkable message. Thank you all for the many prayers of support, and love. This gospel is true. God does live, and Jesus Christ is our savior. Joseph Smith is his prophet, and the Book of Mormon is true. Love you all, and I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday.

Love Bevan.

PS, I know that inquires of what I want for my birthday will soon be coming. So i will try to fill those early. I need new shoe laces.

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