Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb. 14, 2012

Dear Family,

Well, It is good to hear that everyone else has been getting cold weather, because it has gotten pretty cold here as well. It hasn't even gotten up to the 70's this last week at all. I am thankful for nice sweaters though which protect me from the 50 degree weather. That is crazy about Simon getting his appendix out, it is good to hear that he survived and is now living a life happily appendix free. Yes, I did get to eat dinner at the Olsens this past week, which was good. I think she might have been exaggerating just a little bit on my food consumption though. It was a fun exchange though, and my stay here in Temecula continues to be just a little bit surreal. For instance this past Sunday we went to priest quorum, because Bubba got the Aaronic priesthood. And none other than Brother Jared Brown was giving the lesson. It felt like being a teacher all over again.

Missionary work continues to be amazing. Like I said Bubba got the priesthood, and is now anxiously awaiting until he can go to the temple. He continues to be great, albeit all the trials that he is going through. His parents found out that he got baptized, and pretty much disowned him. It was a tough thing for him, and for us as missionaries too. But it was also amazing to see his faith strengthen from the experience. We went over and talked to him about it, and he just kept saying that he knew he had made the right decision, and that he was going to continue to be loyal to it. He also asked us for a Book of Mormon so that he could give to a girl. Apparently she had asked him how he could be so sure about everything, and he told her that she just had to read the Book of Mormon and that it would change her life. He is a stud.

We also have another baptism this weekend for Anna. She finally said that she wasn't going to wait for a sign anymore but just move forward in faith. Another really cool story and a shout out to Simon, she says that one of her favorite things out all this has been the discovery of BYUTV. So thanks Simon this is really your baptism, sans appendix and everything. Other than that the big news is that we were able to get a family of four to church this past Sunday. Now the next step will be for them to slow down their SoCal life enough for us to teach them. Oh well, all in the Lords timing.

Well, everything here in California is going well. Transfers are going to be next week, so we will find out whether the dream in Temecula will finally be over or whether I will have another six weeks of heaven. Thanks for everything. I know that this gospel is true, and that more than anything it is the way to find peace in this life and eternal joy in the life to come.


PS There is a family in the ward going to Dallas this next weekend. And they want to bring something back to me from y'all. So I am going to give them our address and y'alls number to work it out. Thanks.

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