Monday, February 6, 2012

Dec. 6, 2011

Dear Family,

I am glad to hear that the nativity went well. And that you got to see the NBA Championship trophy. That is cool that Mr. Parks came, you will have to tell him hi from me Hansen. It sounds like it will be another typical crazy Blake Christmas. I did get the package, don't worry mom. And our tree is proudly taped up on our window and is even decorated. It definitely adds to the Christmas spirit. Thanks for all of the candy as well.

Well here in Temecula we are getting some pretty chilly weather too. Occasionally in the 40's at night. It is really tough serving in southern California. We had a great day two days ago with being able to watch the Christmas devotional. It is always great to hear the prophet, and have an hour to sit down. I felt like I was in priesthood session, having to keep my companion awake.

This week has been pretty slow missionary wise. Not really that no one wants to listen to us, but rather everyone who wants to listen to us, seems to have the flu of pneumonia. Luckily both my companion and I are healthy and don't so much have the sniffles. We were able to start teaching someone who wants to get baptized. He is a ten year old kid whose name is Bryce Grabau. He is the son of a less active lady. His older sister who was baptized but then went inactive, just moved back from college and reactivated herself. She has been bringing Bryce to church with her, and we get the privilege of teaching him. I am excited because if it all works out the way it is supposed to, he will be first person i get to find, teach, and baptize. I will finally go the whole nine yard with an investigator. It is really exciting. Other than that things just keep rolling along here in Temecula. Oh I did get a new roommate. His name is Elder Blakely. We are hoping that we eventually get to be companions, just for the word play.

I love this gospel, and have gained a much deeper understanding of it out here on my mission. I also have gained a stronger testimony of the priesthood. Of its authority, of its function, of its role in the eternities, and of its power. I am truly humbled to realize that i get to be a priesthood holder, and hope that i will always be worthy of it. I love you all, and thanks for the box again. Hope that everyone has a great week, and that you don't freeze.

Elder Blake

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