Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feb. 21, 2012

Dear Family,

I knew this week was going to be a down week, after viewing six blog posts of napkins. Well I am glad that formal February continues to go strong, that the Lexus got fixed from an accident I had no idea about, and that the Weidmans got a mission call. Does that mean Cory finally moved out? Because if so I am getting way to old.

I have not retrieved the goodie bags yet, but I plan on getting them tonight. It should be exciting. The other big news here in Temecula other than little girls wandering around the streets eating out of garbage cans, is that I am staying another six weeks to finish training elder Wright. It will be a little different because I have been assigned to be the new district leader. Needless to say, I need all the creativity this family can muster for the next six weeks, to come up with fun trainings for our district meetings. I really don't know why the Lord keeps calling me to positions of responsibility but i have faith that this is the Lords work, and that he will continue to keep rolling throughout the entire world even with inept district leaders.

Well missionary wise, Anna was able to get baptized this past Saturday. It was a good service and cool to see her finally take that step. Again thanks to Simon for making BYU tv the quality television that America deserves these days. The coolest thing about the baptism was that Nico the recent convert who was baptized my first week here in Temecula was able to do the baptism. It only took him four tries. Classic.

The bad news is that i feel i am now in the midst of the 1918 influenza epidemic. Seeing as how three of our recent converts just had close family members die. It is good though that the plan of salvation is real.

Well bye family, I love y'all and this gospel a lot. Hope that there are more napkins on the way this week.


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