Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aug. 2, 2011

Dear Family.
Sorry to hear about the weather. If it makes you feel any better i think it maybe hit 90 in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, it was pretty rough. This week was another good week, we were able to meet a lot of cool potential investigators that we are really hoping we can start teaching this week. It has been a little rough though in the sense that a lot of our investigators have been on vacation, been really busy, or been kicked out of their homes so we haven't been able to really meet with them. Oh well, everything happens on the Lord's time. I just hope that we have done a good enough job in helping them start their conversion that they can continue to make good progress without us being able to meet with them so often. I am sorry to hear about Ezra, I will definitly keep him in my prayers. I hope that he gets feeling better. In answer of some questions, what I bought at Ross was what any missionary buys at Ross, ties. All for under 7 dollars too. Also I have taken about 5 pictures, Leah. Also the zone leaders stole my camera, because I wasn't taking enough and they were able to snag a couple so that was good.
This week I have been thinking a lot about faith, and just how important it is to every aspect of our lives. It has been interesting , and a little scary, to see just how fast faith can fade when it is not being nourished every day. It has also been great to see, that the way we can ensure that our faith remains strong, is really simple and starts with praying and reading the Book of Mormon. I have come to love the Book of Mormon, so much on my mission. Especially as I have been able to use it to anchor my faith in the Savior and his church on the earth today. It is a book that no matter how much people try to tear it apart will continue to be an ensign to the nations and declare that truth has been restored. I am grateful to be apart of that work and hope that I will always be an active participant in growing God's kingdom.
Hope that yall have a great week and don't get too overheated.
Love y'all,
Elder Blake

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