Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aug. 23, 2011

Hello Family,
I am doing absolutely wonderful today. Most likely because yesterday was my first Zone Conference and Elder Gibbons of the Seventy came to visit the mission. It was an amazing event, that was filled with the spirit. Turns out that he is from Richardson, and plans on moving back after he is released. I told Sister Gibbons that we would have to hang out. P-Days have been pretty interesting so far on the mission. We haven't been able to check out the mission, though some random guy off the street gave us two free tickets so I imagine we will go and see it at some point. Today though we have a district activity at the church which should be pretty fun. I have also lost count of the number of times we have been invited to go surfing.
Things at home sound like they are finally going to settle down. I tell you what one of the things Ive learned to appreciate as a missionary is people on regular schedules that include lots of free time spent at home. Pretty much unheard of here in orange county. Tell Josie congratulations, along with Ethan. Also tell Eduardo, that he is amazing, and will be the best missionary in the world. He should come to Carlsbad, so I can train him.
Things here in San Juan Capistrano, are pretty dang rad. Which by the way we met a guy with two boys named Rad and Cruze. Pretty funny. But seriously, the work continues to go forward, especially as we are getting the ward members here more excited about missionary work. It is awesome we are having dinner tonight with a family who has invited one of their friends to come and take the lessons. We are very excited. We also said hi to a guy across the street. He looked at us and then said that he wanted to talk to us but didn't have time. After a long and confusing series of events, we finally have an appointment with him this Thursday. Oh his name it Peter, for those wondering. We continue to work with all of our other investigators and are hoping that some will have a baptismal date soon.
The gospel is true, and because of that nothing else matters. I continue to be humbled by the simple faith of the people in the church here. It is amazing that despite sickness, setbacks, financial troubles or whatever it may be some people here continue to have the faith to say, The gospel is true, and because of that nothing else matters. It has made me wonder how we can help increase the faith of the Saviour in those that we are teaching. It is a wonderful opportunity to be angels helping those along the path to true discipleship. To pick them up and encourage them whenever they fall, and then to see the joy of renewed righteous living. I only wish I were better at it. The Church is true, and Jesus is the Christ. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and The Book of Mormon is true. It is a privilege to stand up for those eternally important truths. I love you all, and hope that you continue to have a great week.
Elder Blake
P.S. It is a shame that Leah doesn't get rangers updates. I get them all the time from angry Angels fans.

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