Wednesday, September 28, 2011

July 12, 2011

Hey Family,
First thank you for the packages, They were both really nice and fun to get. I'm sorry mom that I didn't answer any of you questions, I really do read your letter, I promise. I am in a car full time, although I don't get to drive. The owner of Oakley glasses i don't think is in our ward. I'm pretty sure she used to be but moved away a while ago. I'm pretty sure she is still in the stake though. And I don't remember any more of your questions. I'm not sure if I included this in my last letter but Sister Salloway's parents are also in my ward. It's pretty fun, and we get to talk about blue bell together.
This past week has been amazing, and we have been able to teach a lot of people. We also got to crash a lot of parties this week, we somehow manage to go see our investigators right when they are having a celebration. I have never felt so popular in my life. The other crazy thing that keeps happening is we always bump into people here who have pioneer ancestry, but are now completely out of the church. One lady was even a direct decedent of Lorenzo Snow. It definitely has made me more thankful for all of my faithful ancestors that have provided a great heritage of faith. We also met a lady that said she wasn't interested but that she did like the Mormon people. We said that's good, and asked if she grew up with a lot Mormons. She said not really but that her husband had been pretty good friends with a Mormon who went on to be a big shot. We asked if she knew the name of this big shot mormon, and she said it was Oaks. We told her he had become a little bit of a big shot, and that he was probably a good friend to have.
The last interesting thing that happened this week was actually pretty sad. So there is a guy in our ward who just left on his mission to Uruguay, and he was to fly straight to the MTC in Argentina. Just as a side note, this kid was in my mission prep class at BYU. But he was to fly out Wednesday, and on his way to the airport, the church travel office called him and said that his flight was cancelled and that he would fly out on Thursday. It was pretty funny.
Love you all, the Church is true
Elder Blake

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