Wednesday, September 28, 2011

July 19, 2011

Hey Family,
It sounds like y'all had a crazier week than I had. I'm doing well here in San Juan Capistrano, even though it gets pretty hot here in the middle of the day, I'm talking high 80's hot. Your trip sounds amazing, and the pictures were really cool. You owe me a trip to Banff whenever I get home. That's crazy that you met Jeaneene, I think that was Kira roomate's name. She was really cool the couple of times I met her. Sorry Malan, but the last I heard she was pretty much engaged. Speaking of Malan and Hansen, I will have to tell them some stories about Merrill Hall, whenever I get home, and tell them to man up when it comes to the showers, it will be good preparation for their mission.
Things, here in California have been really good. We are still helping Phil out with his house, and he told us last time, that he thinks all that we have taught him is good, and true. But he wants to learn more before making the step of baptism. He has been way prepared, and we are really excited to get him moved in so we can start teaching them on a more regular basis. The other family that we are teaching, that we are hoping will get baptised, is Mitsy and her two sons Christian and Sebastion. They came to the ward beach bbq, and when we met with them yesterday all they could talk about was how nice everyone was and how much fun they had, it was really cool to see how truly on of the best missionary tools, is simply being a friend. Christian is 18 and he is really cool, the first time we taught them, we asked if they had heard about the Book of Mormon. Christian went on to tell us how it was an ancient record of a remnant of one of the Tribes of Israel, who was led out of Jerusalem to America. And then went on to be translated by Joseph Smith. Both my, and my companion's jaws just dropped in disbelief. It was really cool to have someone we talk to actually know about the Book of Mormon.
As for my funny story this week, I don't really have one. Although we did meet a guy that played golf with one of the Prophets, he had forgotten which one though. We also met a nine year old who is already a sponsored surfer and skateboarder.
I hope that y'all have a great week, and don't burn too much in Dallas. Sister Salloway's dad always gives me the Carrollton weather update. No better cure for homesickness.
Love Bevan,
P.S. Have Malan google the one actor in all the Church movies. He is older, and is the only good one in church ball. He is also in Baptists at our bbq. I'm pretty sure he is in my ward.

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