Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bevan's letter July 5, 2011

Hey Family,
I will start this letter off with a list of all the exciting people that Ive found in my ward. First, there is a Sister Sedgwick. I actually haven't met her, but Ive heard all about her. She is actually serving right now, in the Carrollton Bishop's Storehouse, as an employment missionary. We were in the MTC at the same time even, so we literally just switched places. Second, we had dinner this Sunday with the Pulido's, who actually lived in Carrollton about thirty years ago. Back when it was the Dallas 6th ward and Brother Simonis was the Bishop. They asked that you go say to him from them. They told me that they were the nursery leaders in the ward, and had about 40 children in it. I told them they must have been thinking about another Dallas 6th ward. Third, we have the Aggle's in our ward. This really means nothing except that they are the parents of the guy that makes all the liken movies, that was pretty cool.
I was a little worried about whether the church was true here in San Juan. They canceled girls camp, opting for a girls only youth conference thing instead. Rumor is highs of 85 were threatening, and they couldn't handle it. Also they are in the process of making a ward facebook page. As you can see I was wondering about this ward, until we spoke all about home teaching in Elders Quorum. I suppose the Church is true, even in Southern California. I Love it here in San Juan though, and am a little worried that all of my other areas are just going to be downhill from here.
The work continues to be great, and I have great hope, that we will be able to baptise someone here soon. We actually were tracking in one of the ridiculously wealthy neighborhoods last night, and ran into this lady named Pat. She was awesome, and admitted that she thinks there must be some truth in our message, because she always sees us working so hard. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and we have a return appointment with her this Wednesday. Hopefully we will get to teach her and the rest of her family as well. Just goes to show you even millionaires, in orange county can be searching for the truth.
Just to give you an idea about this neighborhood we were in, every house either had orange orchards, horses, or one even had an alpaca in their yard.
I love this Church, and this Gospel, they are both true. I am so happy to be missionary working to spread this truth. Thank you all. Love you.
Elder Blake

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