Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sept. 20, 2011

Hello family,
Well I am glad to see that everyone is having a great week, especially mom and dad in Barbados. Just a quick little fun fact, Barbados is the only country George Washington went to outside of the United States. He went when he was a young man to recover from small pox. So just remember that as you snorkel and watch cricket. Also, I am pretty sure that one of the guys I home taught is at that mission, he is in the west Indies. I wonder if he was one of the ones at that branch. That would have been a weird coincidence.
I did get the package, thank you so much for it. Especially for the socks, dryers have a way of eating them. The conference talks were also much appreciated, and the music has made me the envy of the entire zone. So thank you very much.
Also lest anyone think that I am getting too spoiled here in orange county, I come bearing bad news that our car has been taken away from us for the weekends. Which means, I can actually start working off all of the three course dinners we get fed here on a regular basis. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven I guess. I also can not wait for conference either, especially for the priesthood session, I will be sure to e-mail my answers to the subsequent quiz the following p-day. It truly is an amazing event, one in which I feel I'm finally beginning to grasp the importance of. Think of it, living prophets and apostles to tell us what the Lord knows we need to do to be safe and happy in this life, and the world to come. What a wonderful blessing.
In terms of missionary work, things here in San Juan, have kind of slowed down. All of our investigators have seemed to just be too busy to worry about us and the things of eternal importance. The shining ray of hope though, is Andres. He came to church with us again this past Sunday, and we were able to teach him just an hour ago actually. It was an amazing lesson, one in which he expressed a desire to gain even more of the Lord's blessings. We taught him how the Lord blesses us whenever we keep the commandments and how that is really the key to being changed into a good man. We told him that the Lord is pleased with the effort that he has put forth and the progress he has made, but that he is always up there beckoning us to do even more. To find something else to be better examples of true disciples. The amazing part was when he described how much he felt the spirit, and how happy he was that he was able to meet us. He then went on to say, that he has been able to see the Lord's blessings in his life already, but that there is always room and reason to accept more. What an example. I think I learned more from the lesson than he did. Truly one of the miracles of missionary work, especially missionary work by the spirit.
I love all of you, and it has been great to hear that everyone is doing great and that Deborah still has a roof over her head. Thank y'all for all of the wonderful examples you are to me. Keep up the good work. This gospel is true, it really is the way. Our Heavenly Father lives and is mindful of us. Because of that fact he speaks to us, both through living prophets and apostles and other chosen servants and through the Holy Ghost. What a miracle it is that we can talk to God, through sincere prayer. What a privilege. I love this Gospel. Please pray for missionary opportunities for everyone.
Love Bevan

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