Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aug. 9, 2011

Hey family,
How is it going in Texas, and every where else. It sounds like things are pretty exciting on the home front, maybe even more hectic than missionary life in fast paced southern california. I have not been sick, and I honestly do not know about my weight, because we don't have a scale. I have a haunting suspicion that I have gained some weight. The food continues to be wonderful american food, for instance we had steak last night. This week has been good, although pretty much all of our investigators are out of town. We have met a lot of promising people though and we are excited to hopefully start teaching a lot of them this week. The big news is we had our first ever walk in lesson yesterday, the biggest miracle being, was that it was in a gated community. The bad news is both Elder Hopkins and I were both too shocked to really know what to do, and the fact that the kid was leaving Thursday to go to college out in Georgia. So be on the lookout Hannah, and go ahead and see him baptized for us. We also met a really nice family who wanted to learn more, the bad news was that they speak spanish and so are not under our jurisdiction. They are a really nice family though and we are praying for the spanish elders to do a good job. Phil continues to do really well, and we are well on our way to moving him in. He has really clicked with all of the ward members that he has met, and pretty much invited himself to come to church once he finishes moving in. Mitsy and her two sons are in Washington, so we haven't gotten to meet with them lately. But we did get a text from the younger son, Sebastion, telling us that he was reading the Book of Mormon, and that he really like Nephi and all the vision he was able to have. We are really hoping that he will continue to come along. We are very optimistic for this coming week, especially because our stake president had the whole stake fast for more missionary opportunities this past Sunday. If only the stake president back in Carrollton was that on it. Oh well. Probably the coolest thing that happened, was we met a family that just moved here from Frisco. They weren't really interested but they had nothing but positive things to say about the saints in Frisco, so you can tell them thanks.
Love you all, and I hope that everyone does well and is able to survive the coming weeks.
Thanks, Elder Blake

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