Wednesday, September 28, 2011

July 26, 2011

Hey Family,
Hello from Orange County, for another six weeks. I have officially survived my first transfer, and am staying in San Juan, along with Elder Hopkins. The time has really begun to fly, and this past week has really just been one short blur. But we have been able to see some cool things happen. First of all, with one of our investigators Nancy, we were able to teach her about the gospel of Jesus Christ this past week. It honestly didn't go over that well, until we both bore our testimonies. We just sat there for a minute afterward in silence until Nancy just said "wow, peace." It was really cool to see how the spirit will be there anytime to bear testimony of truth, and that it does bring peace to people in this crazy world. The other cool thing that happened, was yesterday we found a house with a Texas flag hanging outside of it. I just had to knock on the door of course. It turns out that the guy was baptised while living in Texas but has since gone inactive and had been living here in California for about six years under the radar. He and his non-member wife, were really nice and invited us back over later this week so that we could share a message. I'm really excited to be teaching someone who wears boots and says y'all. We keep helping
Phil out with his home, and have gotten the ward involved. He says he is really excited to come to church and meet more people once he gets officially moved in. We keep teaching Mitsy and her two boy, and are really hoping that we can baptise them. This ward hasn't seen a baptism in about ten years, and we pray that we are going to be the ones that can help grow the kingdom in this part of the vineyard.
One thing that has probably struck me the most while on my mission is how scared everyone is of the future here. It is striking in contrast to read Elder Nelson's talk this last conference, and to remember President Monson's council that the future is bright as our faith. How thankful I am for a living prophet to guide us in these latter days, and for my faith in my Savior to face the future with hope and optimism instead of doubt and fear. This is the Lord's work and nothing we can do is going to stop it, so we might as well do our best to be a part of it.
Love Elder Blake
I will do my best to get the Pulido's contact information, and remember to keep being nice to Sister Sedgwick. I was actually able to have dinner at her house this past week, with one of her granddaughters who is house sitting for her. Tell her that the Capo 2nd ward continues to do great and everyone here is grateful for her righteous example.

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